Islip Town Hall is pictured Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

Islip Town Hall is pictured Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Credit: Barry Sloan

I am thrilled that a group of Brentwood residents is suing to do away with at-large voting in the Town of Islip [“Islip voting suit echoes the past,” News column, Sept. 18]. As a past Democratic candidate for council and supervisor, I have opposed at-large voting since the 1980s. Islip is far too large and diverse for that system to continue.

Islip Republicans have for decades fought the idea of council wards. They will fight tooth and nail to keep power. Islip has long been a “south of Sunrise” town. Most council members have lived south of Sunrise Highway for a long time. They don’t want to deal with Islip’s minority population. Council members are known for not showing up in parts of town, or doing so only at election time.

The plaintiffs will be accused of trying to change the rules! They are. Does anybody think for a second that the toxic dumping at Roberto Clemente Park, or the time it took to repair the park, would have been allowed in Oakdale or Sayville?

With a ward system, there’s no guarantee of electing a Democrat. But I guarantee whoever is elected will be responsible to the district or be tossed out. It comes down to this: Will Islip comply with “one person, one vote”?

Michael L Wilson,Holbrook

Editor’s note: The writer was town Democratic Party Committee public relations director from 2008-12.

Suffolk fundraiser deserved notice, too

On Sept. 22, I participated in the 12th annual Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer walk/run sponsored by the local chapter of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition at Belmont Lake State Park (September is Women’s Gynocologic Cancer Awareness Month). I was disappointed to read your article recapping three fundraising walks in Nassau County with no mention of our well-attended walk in Suffolk [“In Nassau, all walks of life,” News, Sept. 23].

Ovarian and other women’s cancers do not get the publicity or funding that other more well-known cancers receive. It would have been nice to see our event included in your article. You can help break the silence.

Patricia Hoffmann,New Hyde Park