I'm writing in response to Daniel Akst's column titled, "Change won't do you good -- so let's lose it" [Opinion, Feb. 6]. I'm only 34, but I remain old-fashioned. I still deposit my paychecks by going to the bank. I still write checks to pay bills. I don't own a smartphone and don't plan on purchasing one any time soon; it serves no purpose in my life. All this has nothing to do with concern for privacy.

I don't rely on direct deposit or electronic banking, because I like to know when money goes in and out of my account. Doing it myself assures me that no mistakes will be made.

I write checks because I can immediately mark it in my register and know exactly what will be available. Online banking doesn't indicate any outstanding checks that haven't been cashed, so the available balance is inaccurate and can lead to overdrawing an account. I don't think electronic payments for everything would make life easier.

I'll gladly stick with paper and coin currency. My recommendation: Try putting loose change in a jug and taking it to the penny arcade. It eliminates the mess, and the pleasant surprise is the amount accumulated.

Jason Kaplan, New Windsor