U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning leaves a military court at...

U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning leaves a military court at the end of the first of a three-day motion hearing in Fort Meade, Maryland. (June 6, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

The decision to find Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy is correct ["Judge: He didn't aid enemy," News, July 31]. He was aiding us in carrying on our democracy. He has already served too much time in solitary confinement and should be freed now.

Manning gave a great boost to democracy by giving the American public information related to our war in Afghanistan and Iraq. The military kept secret how many civilains we have killed and that our drones kill more innocent people than terrorists. No mention is ever made about what happens when an armed drone crashes.

Our govenment has tried to hide instances of approval of torture. We wonder why we have so many enemies around the world.

Our democracy cannot function if miltary secrets are kept from most or all members of Congress and the voting citizens. How can Congress vote sensibly without accurate information about programs they are voting on? How can the American people vote for congressional representatives who share their values?

Eleanor Krebs, Farmingdale

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