An elementary school in Harlem is the first in New...

An elementary school in Harlem is the first in New York City to offer regular Arabic-language instruction. Credit: File Photo

I take offense to the opinion article by Andrea Vecchio regarding the New York State tax cap ["Cap finally gives power to voters," Opinion, May 7]. She would have every taxpayer on Long Island vote no on their school budgets, regardless of the degree of fiscal responsibility of the proposal.

These children are our future; we must educate them well. I do not understand the logic of voting down a budget, just because one can. The facts are all there, but most voters never come to the school board meetings to educate themselves on the budget and the process by which it is made.

I find it illogical as well for anyone to think that a budget can remain the same, or go down, in an era when many costs are rising. Can you think of anything that costs less? I can't.

Susan B. Lyons, Freeport

Editor's note: The writer is the president of the Freeport PTA Council.