Mastic Beach Village Hall is shown in a photo taken...

Mastic Beach Village Hall is shown in a photo taken on Jan. 8, 2015. Credit: Ed Betz

A Newsday article on the petition to unincorporate the Village of Mastic Beach was shamelessly one-sided [“Push to unincorporate,” News, Aug. 29].

The most vocal advocate for unincorporating the village, Bob Miller, lives in a community where he doesn’t have to be concerned about derelict housing or absentee landlords.

Mayor Maura Sperry, along with her past deputy, Bruce Summa, worked tirelessly against forming the village and have done things to undermine its success. For example, they’re responsible for reckless overspending on roads after going through a surplus by hiring too many people and paying them too much.

Yes, the village has gone through some hard times, but turning around many years of abuse and neglect by unscrupulous builders, bankers and government agencies won’t happen until we have an administration that sees the potential of our beautiful waterfront community. We need to keep local control.

Anne Leonardi, Mastic Beach


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