Socially conservative politicians have been quietly trying to make it...

Socially conservative politicians have been quietly trying to make it harder for couples to get divorced. Credit: iStock

I am writing in reply to "What women still want in a husband" [Opinion, Sept. 30]. Columnist Cathy Young indicates that the decline of marriage continues. Statistics show that there were 3,990 divorces in Suffolk County in 2012.

I believe Suffolk County courts need to take a long, hard look at the divorce process and its trickle-down effects. Disputed divorce cases can remain in the system for years and cost tens of thousands of dollars. The financial and emotional stress can seem insurmountable and often leads to one party giving up in reaching a settlement.

Financial effects can then be seen in additional court cases for home foreclosure and bankruptcy, and in cases involving adherence to the divorce judgment.

It's time the court system began implementing alternative dispute resolution. One alternative, mediation, has been shown to be more economical, and it results in increased satisfaction and more adherence to resolutions. Mediated cases are also less time consuming and give the parties ultimate control over the outcome of their dispute. Mediation deals with emotions and looks to the future. Litigation is not the answer!

Connie Wohlars, Port Jefferson

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