Protesters holds up signs in opposition of Donald Trump's presidential...

Protesters holds up signs in opposition of Donald Trump's presidential election victory as they march from Jefferson Square Park, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016 in Louisville Ky. Credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS

I must respond to a letter claiming of “abhorrent, bigoted behavior and violence from extreme left-wing groups such as” [“Post-election pulse,” Dec. 4].

The writer mentions fear of “the young anti-Trump rioters in Portland,” thus insinuating that they were under the aegis of MoveOn. Although MoveOn protesters were present in Portland, there is no evidence that they were violent.

I’ve been a member of MoveOn since 2010. There are very strict policies governing how we advocate for our causes, and none ever condone violence or even doing anything opposing local law. We are active participants in our constitutional right to protest peacefully.

The rare attendees to our meetings who express inappropriate recommendations have been summarily censured or ousted from the group. We have been and will continue to be the voice of people of goodwill who wish to make a stand for the rights of all Americans and who advocate for progressive causes.

Sherry Eckstein, Huntington

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