Thomas Dale, Nassau County's police commissioner. (Jan. 30, 2012)

Thomas Dale, Nassau County's police commissioner. (Jan. 30, 2012) Credit: Howard Schnapp

I support and respect those police officers everywhere who are exemplary public servants, who serve and protect, and do so with honor and integrity.

Regarding "Nassau PD sex inquiry" [News, May 4], I suggest the recent problems stem from a vast lack of supervision and proactive oversight by incompetent supervisors. Moreover, the department's internal affairs unit ought to do a better job of rooting out officers and supervisors who are not properly performing their assigned duties. There needs to be more emphasis on improving quality, and more ethics and integrity training. Most important, there must be zero tolerance for corruption.

Nassau County residents, business owners and taxpayers deserve better from the police department. I hope the new commissioner, Thomas V. Dale, will take the necessary and positive steps to remedy the recent problems that have made the news. Without the changes, the public will lose respect, trust and confidence in the NCPD.

Steven Zessman, Hicksville