A person picks up a plastic bag on June 30,...

A person picks up a plastic bag on June 30, 2014 in a supermarket in Paris. Credit: AFP/Getty Images / Fred Dufour

Hooray for Newsday for applauding towns and villages that have banned plastic grocery bags [“All of LI should ban plastic grocery bags,” Editorial, March 8].

My wife and I always take reusable bags to the grocery store and often refuse plastic bags when shopping at other stores.

However, Newsday is ignoring its own pollution. The newspaper uses plastic bags by the thousands every day when carriers throw them on lawns of Newsday customers. Don’t get me wrong, I love a dry newspaper. It would be great if Newsday could find a substitute for plastic bags.

Patrick O’Hara, West Babylon


I applaud Legis. William Spencer’s action to stop plastic bag pollution in Suffolk County. He is correct that public consciousness has caught up to the damage these bags cause to our environment. People concerned about paying a fee can take their own bags to the store.

That’s real freedom. You want a bag, just pay for one.

The real problem is the mounting cost to future generations, all for literally just a few minutes of actual use today.

George Povall, Point Lookout

Editor’s note: The writer is founder of All Our Energy, a nonprofit advocacy organization.


Thanks so much to Legis. William Spencer for proposing a ban on single-use plastic bags!

The time for this ban is long overdue. Plastic bags do not decompose, and they get into our oceans, streams, rivers and lakes. They can be seen hanging on trees and littering our parks, streets and highways. They are deadly to wildlife.

There is no reason why shoppers cannot carry their own reusable bags. Those who can’t afford to buy bags can attend any one of the many free festivals on Long Island where reusable bags are distributed.

Lynn Geisler, Huntington