It's critically important that those suffering from addiction become aware...

It's critically important that those suffering from addiction become aware of treatment, which includes medication to treat withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Credit: Getty Images

The Family-To-Family program described in the column “Can this therapy also work for drugs?” [Opinion, May 19] could be a big help. But in the case of drug addiction, and opiate addiction in particular, I don’t believe it could be a viable sole method of support. If such a program offers the same dynamic as a sponsor-sponsored relationship, as in Narcotics Anonymous, it could offer some degree of support for the family and friends of the addict.

Many families are very private when it comes to drug addiction. It can also be a very emotional matter, and whatever advice or support that may be offered may not be constructive if comes from desperation and frustration.

Every addict is an individual and his or her addiction should be treated as such. A program I attended had weekly parent and family group sessions. People were educated about addiction, the types of programs for recovery and various ways parents tried to cope. I believe these to be helpful and constructive.

When it comes to an addict’s recovery, there is not much room for error. You want to get it as close to right the first time. Families will benefit if the sessions are guided by a professional in the field of recovery.

Michael S. Daniels, Garden City

Editor’s note: The writer is a recovering addict.