Tuning in television on the go is now possible. MetroPCS...

Tuning in television on the go is now possible. MetroPCS Communications, the country's fifth-largest cellphone company, started selling the Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G, which can tun into special television signals. (July 26, 2012) Credit: Bloomberg News

People have been doing research on the health effects of cellphones since before they came on the market [“Do cellphones cause cancer? Don’t rush to any conclusions,” News, May 30]. Most of the research has been buried that shows what this recent study reveals: tumor growth in rats.

One example is the BioInitiative Report of 2012. While the report didn’t consider the many studies that failed to find effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields, it did compile other studies that report possible harm.

A 2014 World Health Organization survey raised enough concern that the organization is conducting a formal risk assessment of all studied health outcomes from radio-frequency fields, to be published later this year.

It reminds me of the tobacco industry’s successful campaigns for years that said cigarettes weren’t bad for you!

It’s amazing what cellphones are capable of doing. The industry has brainwashed most Americans to believe that they cannot do without a cellphone.

Nonionizing radiation is emitted from cellphones, microwave ovens, so-called smart meters and cell towers. We are living in a sea of ambient electromagnetic radiation, and I suspect that many people’s health has suffered for it.

Jo-Tina DiGennaro, Bayville