Anglers cast their lines into the Salmon River in Pulaski,...

Anglers cast their lines into the Salmon River in Pulaski, N.Y. (Oct. 10, 2011) Credit: AP

People have been fishing on Long Island for as long as people have been living on Long Island. Fishing was such a natural part of living for these people ["Too many fishing rules," Letters, May 7].

In the last few years the government has decided to require a license for fishing. It would be illegal even for people who live on the water to fish without one. People objected to having a license and the government finally did away with the requirement. But in its place they make you register with the Department of Environmental Conservation. This means that you can't fish whenever you want to.

The recreational angler faces another problem. Size and bag limits. One type of fish, native to Long Island, is the fluke or summer flounder. The government has set a minimum 19.5-inch limit and we are only allowed to keep four fish. The commercial fishing industry, which is really hurting the fish population, has only have a 14-inch minimum. The government should regulate the large fishing boats, some of which even come from overseas and clean out all the fish in our waters.

Taylor Lambrou