Water is sprayed on shrubs in Water Mill. The spread...

Water is sprayed on shrubs in Water Mill. The spread of automatic in-ground systems accounts for the dramatic increase in water usage, according to Dennis Kelleher of H2M water resources engineers. (Sept. 11, 2013) Credit: Randee Daddona

The Nassau-Suffolk Water Commissioners Association commends the recent Newsday-News 12 effort to inform the public about Long Island's most valuable resource, our single-source water supply ["When it comes to water use, LI is . . . Lawn Island," News, Sept. 26].

As an association composed of professionals closest to Long Island's water needs, we understand the intricacies of water production, delivery, conservation and sustainability. Long Island's independent, commissioner-elected water districts represent ratepayers and constituents with vigilance and dedication. As the recent coverage illustrates, this has resulted in an average cost of drinking water that is one of the lowest in the nation.

The proactive infrastructure upgrading policies have served taxpayers well in other ways. Most notably, when superstorm Sandy carved a wide swath of destruction, water districts did not experience interruption in service.

It should be pointed out that today the safety of our sole-source aquifer and water supply systems must be guarded not only against pollution, overuse and salt water intrusion, but also against potential terrorist activities.

We believe that Long Island's aquifer must be defended with science and passion for the benefit of our children's children.

Gary Brosnan, Hicksville

Editor's note: The writer is the president of the association, which is made up of commissioners from 21 Nassau and Suffolk county water districts.


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