I disagree with "Retirement plans in fantasy realm" [Letters, April 4]. We should change our public retirement savings plans to 403(b)s, or defined-contribution plans. This would save money.

Most private companies have changed to a 401(k). If these are so bad, why do many teachers on Long Island invest in 403(b)s on their own, through their school districts, in addition to having pension savings?

Under the New York State constitution, a defined-contribution plan is still a pension, so don't let the politicians tell you they're not.

There are many people who do very well with a 401(k). You can take it with you if you change jobs, you can choose just where you invest your money -- the stock market, mutual funds, government bonds. You may even be crazy enough to put it into a savings account.

I believe if the unions, politicians and public workers had all the facts, they would not hesitate to change over. And what a bonanza not only for the struggling taxpayers on Long Island, but for our beleaguered school districts.

Albert J. Prisco, East Northport