Sophia Anderson, 21, is led out Second Precinct in Huntington....

Sophia Anderson, 21, is led out Second Precinct in Huntington. Anderson was arraigned in Central Islip Criminal Court on charges of driving while intoxicated after she crashed through a Huntington home Monday morning. (May 28, 2012) Credit: James Carbone

Regarding "Close call in crash" [News, May 29], about a car driven through a Huntington home on May 28: Do you know who was responsible for this in addition to Sophia Anderson, who was charged with driving while intoxicated? It was all the politicians, as well as the editorial board of Newsday, who won't support a permanent ban on driving for those convicted of DWI.

The safety of my family and yours takes second place to the liquor lobby and those establishments serving liquor until people are drunk, then allowing them to drive home.

If you want a liquor license, you should have a designated-driver employee on premises and mandatory Breathalyzer tests for patrons who imbibe.

Michael Brozinsky, Central Islip


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