Classrooms across Long Island were empty on Thursday. Check our...

Classrooms across Long Island were empty on Thursday. Check our listings of delayed openings, closures and cancellations to see what's in store for Friday. Credit: Daniel Brennan

Long Island is a great place in which to grow up and live. The one problem we have is high taxes.

This year, we actually have a chance to have them reduced. This is because the stock market is at an all-time high, and Long Islanders will be required to contribute $100 million to $150 million less into the state Teachers' Retirement System [" 'Significant savings'," News, Dec. 7].

However, the school districts are using that money for raises to employees. The school boards, our liaisons to the schools, are agreeing to this instead of reducing the cost to the public.

When the market crashed in 2000 and 2008, school districts had to put more money into the retirement system. In Oceanside, we went from contributing less than $2 million to more than $10 million last year. This was added to the budget.

This year, we will save more than $2.5 million. Other districts are saving, too.

As usual, people are taking advantage of the middle class. This time, it's our own neighbors. Everybody should bring this topic up at school board meetings as they discuss the budgets for 2015-16.

Randy Perlmutter, Oceanside