The public advocate needs more than 40 percent of the...

The public advocate needs more than 40 percent of the vote to face GOP pick Joe Lhota in the general election. Credit: AP

Bill de Blasio ran his New York City mayoral campaign based on taking from the rich to give to the poor ["Mayoral race is on," News, Sept. 17]. Fair enough; there are a lot of well-meaning redistributionists out there.

To clinch the nomination, a candidate needed 40 percent of the vote. DiBlasio garnered 40.3 percent, not exactly a mandate. In addition, there were more than 78,000 absentee and paper ballots uncounted.

Considering that he has a scant 2,000 votes over the 40 percent threshold with so many votes yet to be counted, I found it odd that Democrats urged the next closest candidate, Bill Thompson, to concede.

There is hypocrisy in demanding money from those rich in money, and urging concession from one poor in votes.

John Savin, Massapequa


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