The Hempstead School Board convened for a special meeting, Thursday...

The Hempstead School Board convened for a special meeting, Thursday evening, April 23, 2015, for the second time that week. Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

The recent incident involving the Hempstead middle school teacher allegedly assaulted by a parent should be a strong wake-up call to everyone taking sides in this moronic fight over state tests and teacher evaluations ["Teacher attack is intolerable," Editorial, April 17].

Stop blaming the education system for societal ills and start realizing society itself is breaking down. A parent or guardian has an issue with an educator and the reaction is to physically harm him or her? No wonder teachers like me feel a tidal wave of pressures that have absolutely nothing to do with a child's ability to sit for a state exam.

How about we start emphasizing community involvement and rewire conditions in our society to get our youth back on track, instead of thinking an "ineffective teacher" is the sole problem. While we are at it, how about we create an evaluation system for ineffective parenting, or is there no money in that?

Tom Sena, Merrick