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How children learn is so complex an issue that evaluating teachers is meaningless unless all the other parts that contribute to the education of a child are evaluated as well -- meaning, the parents, the preschool experience and preparation, family modeling and nurturing, the gene pool, communities and what attracts people to move to a community, school administration, school boards, society, etc. ["Bills on teacher eval delay," News, May 20]. All need to be objectively analyzed and evaluated.

Our society worships athletes and celebrities. A work ethic and satisfaction from a job well done are missing from today's attitudes. Education is undervalued.

If the role that teachers play were as definitive as politicians and the media lead us to believe, children would be doing well educationally because most people enter the teaching profession with an innate desire to serve and nurture.

Pointing to teacher evaluations as the means of finding what's wrong with education is the perfect way to avoid the real answers.

Holly Gordon, Bay Shore

Editor's note: The writer is a former West Babylon art teacher.

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