A U.S. Postal Service letter carrier picks up and delivers...

A U.S. Postal Service letter carrier picks up and delivers mail. (Dec. 6, 2011) Credit: AP

The Postal Service should consider untapped revenue sources to reduce operating deficits and perhaps even turn a small profit ["Stamps could go up again," News, Sept. 26].

The Postal Service could sell advertising space on mailboxes and vehicles. It could sell some of its valuable real estate and move to less expensive locations.

Why not join banks, fast-food restaurants and coffee sellers that sublet space at Walmarts and other big box stores? Or generate revenue and customers by subletting excess capacity at post offices to city or state agencies, or private sector businesses?

Also, have members of Congress and other elected officials pay the real, full costs for their annoying frequent bulk-rate mailings to constituents. They are nothing more than free re-election campaign brochures subsidized by taxpayers.

Larry Penner, Great Neck

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