The approaching warm summer weather is a reason to focus on improving New York's air quality in the most effective and sensible ways ["Report: Suffolk smog the worst statewide," News, April 29].

Three steps that will best make a difference are to:

Increase the use of alternatively powered vehicles, i.e., those using electricity and compressed natural gas.

Accelerate the removal of toxic heating oil from buildings in New York City and throughout the state.

Support the continued operation of clean, non- and low-emitting sources of 24/7 baseload electricity, including New York's six nuclear power reactors.

New York has the lowest per-capita carbon emissions of any state, and our air quality has been improving. We can and should build upon this success.

Richard Thomas, Manhattan

Editor's note: The writer is executive director of the New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance, a group of 150 business, labor and community organizations advocating for a reliable electricity supply.

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