The American education system needs a complete overhaul based on multiple worldwide surveys. The article "U.S. adults can't keep up" [News, Oct. 9] shows American adults ranking 16th in reading and 21st in math. This is close to where American students K-12 rank worldwide -- 12th in reading and 26th in math.

Most of these adults are products of our schools. America is the wealthiest nation in the world, and we spend billions of dollars for this result? This is now a worldwide economy, and based on several studies, we are poorly prepared to compete.

Who can we blame for these terrible results? Our system of education needs to come to grips with reality. We taxpayers are not getting a reasonable return on our investment in America.

Perhaps we should begin to pay for performance. No added funding and no salary raises until America ranks in the top five worldwide. Performance needs to be evaluated by worldwide standards, and compensation for teachers should be based on those performance standards.

Richard Adrian, Huntington


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