Newly erected utility poles line Old Stone Highway in Amagansett...

Newly erected utility poles line Old Stone Highway in Amagansett in East Hampton on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. PSEG Long Island installed in the town 267 poles that were coated with a wood preservative and pesticide called pentachlorophenol -- a toxic chemical that has spurred resident concern. Credit: Brad Penner

I read "Tall order" [News, March 3] and was initially pleased that wooden poles being installed by PSEG Long Island would be stronger, taller, thicker and deeper in the ground to withstand strong winds. But then I read that these poles will be treated with the wood preservative pentachlorophenol, which is highly toxic to humans!

Who in his or her right mind approved this chemical being used where people can come into contact with it? And who could allow it on an island where the drinking water comes from an aquifer?

"Penta" will be the next contaminant leaching into our water supply 20 years from now if this PSEG plan goes forward. Where are the responsible adults who should protect us? I'm hoping they come to their senses and stop this poorly thought-out plan before it causes another problem for us all.

Barbara Gilman, Old Bethpage