The 450 solar panels that were recently installed on top...

The 450 solar panels that were recently installed on top of the Brentwood Public Library. Credit: Brentwood Public Library

As mayor of Lattingtown, I commend Newsday's editorial board for championing the cause of alternative energy ["Lagging communities should let solar shine in," Editorial, Feb. 9]. However, Newsday has depicted our village as a recalcitrant small community dragging its feet by implementing a six-month moratorium on solar panels.

It's not that simple. First, the editorial didn't mention wind towers, which should be part of the village's controlling statutes on alternative energy. Second, everyone knows about solar panels on the roof, but what about other installations?

I was in Vermont recently, and there was a 1-acre plot behind a restaurant with five solar panels, 12 feet square, mounted on pylons about 5 feet tall. The panels were at an angle and could be rotated to follow the sun. That kind of installation is precisely the type that we want to control in the village.

Many lots in Lattingtown far exceed 1 acre, and it would be irresponsible for the village to rely solely on the Long Island Unified Solar Permitting Initiative, which does not consider larger lots and is wholly deficient for our village's purposes.

Clarence F. Michalis, Locust Valley