A Hauppauge software developer has prevailed in a suit against...

A Hauppauge software developer has prevailed in a suit against AOL involving patent infringement. Credit: Jim Peppler, 2011

It appears that columnist Cathy Young has been drinking the "dads' rights" groups' Kool-Aid ["Violence Against Women Act needs rethinking," Opinion, March 2]. She claims that the reauthorization bill is too ideologically narrow because it focuses on women's victimization.

Although all knowledgeable professionals who work with family violence see that women are the primary victims, I have never seen that lessen the priority that VAWA-funded agencies give to intimate-partner violence of any kind, generated by both men and women, victimizing both men and women and harming children of both sexes.

In same-sex relationships, there is violence by both men and women, and federal funds authorized by this legislation are used to combat it.

Having said that, I also see discrimination against women, blatant or subtle, in many fields. What is wrong with telling the truth about it and working to end it? What is "feminist" about that? What is wrong with being "feminist," for that matter?

Allen M. Bailey, Anchorage, Alaska

Editor's note: The writer is a lawyer and former member of the American Bar Association's Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence.