The Baldwin Civic Association is concerned about economic development, particularly the northwest corner of Grand Avenue and Merrick Road. Our members feel strongly that if done correctly, this project will be a significant boon to the area.

The proposal by Breslin Realty includes a large drive-through CVS pharmacy and other stores. Meanwhile, just one mile away, the same developer's Baldwin Harbor Shopping Center, which also includes a CVS store, has suffered from at least two major vacancies for several years. If an anchor tenant like CVS cannot help fill the vacancies in the Baldwin Harbor Shopping Center, how does Breslin Realty expect to attract businesses with a CVS at Grand Avenue and Merrick Road?

Baldwin has been waiting for more than 15 years for this area to be redeveloped into a thriving, desirable center of town. After waiting so long, is it wise to allow just anything to be built?

The Town of Hempstead should advocate for development that strengthens our community, brings an eclectic mix of businesses, provides transit-oriented housing for young professionals, creates walkable, sustainable neighborhoods, and shares the overall vision of creating a thriving downtown business district.

David Viana, Baldwin

Editor's note: The writer is the president of the Baldwin Civic Association.


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