The Suffolk County seal.

The Suffolk County seal.

I would like to comment on "Fees unfair for 'innocent' in Suffolk" [Letters, Nov. 24].

Some tickets are for violations, like an expired inspection or registration, or broken brake or taillights. Some charges are dismissed because the judge finds a flaw in the writing of the ticket.

I remember having a violation corrected the day I received a ticket, and I went to court and had the ticket dismissed. That didn't mean that I was "innocent." I was guilty and corrected the violation.

If I had been charged an administration fee, I probably would have complained, but I would have accepted that I had cost the court some expense, and I would have paid the fee.

Another time, I received a ticket for a turning infraction that I didn't commit, and I was found not guilty. I would have fought any administration fee for that one.

The letter writer made no distinction, regarding the fee, between tickets that are dismissed and those where the accused is found not guilty.

Jerry Schreibersdorf, Douglaston

There is an administrative fee assessed in Nassau County Traffic Court as well. I was not guilty of a traffic infraction, but I still had to pay a $30 fee, not to mention the time I took to go to court to prove my innocence.

I think it is patently unfair to have innocent people pay to support a court system that needs money to operate. Wouldn't it be more just to charge guilty people more for their infractions, and not have the innocent punished with a fee when they have been mistakenly charged?

Maybe someone will see the folly in this ridiculous practice, and someday I will get a refund if someone decides to fight city hall.

Maureen Baglio, North Bellmore