The Long Island Expressway at dusk.

The Long Island Expressway at dusk. Credit: David Pokress

A reader suggests that tollbooths be put up at the Long Island Expressway's Queens-Nassau border because Long Islanders are clogging up his roads ["Gasoline gobblers," Letters, March 20].

I have a suggestion, too: We should put a tollbooth on the eastbound side, for when city folks come out this summer to the Hamptons and our beaches.

We Long Islanders recognize the fact that malls and restaurants and beaches must be patronized to stay in business. We are all New Yorkers. We come to the city, and the city comes to us.

Paulette Russo, Blue Point

I agree completely with the letter writer. I used to commute 6.1 miles from my home to a job in Great Neck. This short trip took at least 25 minutes each way, and sometimes up to 40.

I have been hearing and reading for years that Americans will give up their sport utility vehicles and vans when gas becomes too expensive. Gas is $4 a gallon, but most vehicles I see congesting our roads are still SUVs and vans. I doubt that will ever change.

When will we begin to take responsibility for our own actions?

Philip Martone, Williston Park


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