The Plan B pill, also known as the "morning after"...

The Plan B pill, also known as the "morning after" pill, is displayed on a pharmacy shelf. Credit: Getty Images

It was recently disclosed that New York City schools are running a pilot program dispensing contraceptives and morning-after pills to girls as young as 14, without their parents' knowledge or consent, because of a high teenage pregnancy rate ["Parents should have a say," Editorial, Oct. 1].

Meanwhile, the state Education Department admits that only 21 percent of the city's high school graduates are ready for college-level work. This proves that most New York City high school students cannot adequately read, write, add, subtract or divide. And the only thing they can multiply is themselves. Is that what we pay taxes for?

It's time to transfer control of schools to teachers and parents.

Richard Reif, Flushing

Editor's note: The writer is a volunteer tutor in the city's public schools.

New York City's program to dispense morning-after pills to female students seems almost sinister in how it is being conducted. This program seems designed to keep parents out of the loop. It's as though the city administration is perpetrating a form of population control on unsuspecting communities.

The program appears racist and an apparent implementation of eugenics.

This is evil and immoral and seems to be in full operation in New York City public schools, endangering the physical and mental health of its female students and depriving parents of their rights in their child's upbringing and welfare. The city needs to re-evaluate this program and its possible consequences.

Michael Fitzpatrick, Massapequa Park