It was quite amusing to read the letter "Obama's past is valid campaign fodder" [June 3]. Barack Obama campaigned for two years and has been president for more than three years. Voters know all about his past.

If people disagree with his policies, fine. But if they cannot accept him as our president, that is their problem. The majority of voters has said that the right wing's attempt to make him appear anti-American is pure nonsense.

Some people are so enraged over Obama's waxing of John McCain they continue to grasp at straws to delegitimize him. It did not work in 2008 and will not in 2012.

Seth Bank, Cutchogue

True, the Obama administration hasn't "done well with respect to domestic issues." How could it? Any plans the Democrats come up with, the Republican-controlled House rejects.

The only thing the GOP has on its mind is defeating Obama. Republicans can't let the Democrats accomplish anything that would make them look good. The Republican motto is victory at all costs.

Douglass Robinson, Levittown


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