Newsday readers write in about texting and driving.

Newsday readers write in about texting and driving. Credit: AP

If driving while texting is deemed to be six times more dangerous than driving drunk ["Get tougher on texting drivers," Editorial, Jan. 28], then this is a serious problem, and the punishment should fit the crime.

How about a month's suspension of one's driver's license for a first offense? Impound the car and add a jail sentence for subsequent infractions. That should get the culprit's attention.

Lillian Kufs, East Meadow

Obviously, the threat of a fine has done little to curb the use of cellphones, as anyone who drives on Long Island can attest. That's true, even though the hands-free products have become very inexpensive.

Lawmakers need to consider a one-week suspension of one's license, in addition to fines for first-time offenders, no questions asked.

Steve Pampinella, Holbrook