The seal of the Nassau County District Attorney's office.

The seal of the Nassau County District Attorney's office. Credit: Nassau County District Attorney's Office

I am writing in response to "Arbitrator gives away the store" [Editorial, Jan. 15].

I am a hardworking taxpayer in Nassau County. I believe that taxes are fine, especially if they are benefiting the community. However, I do have a problem when my money is being wasted, because I would rather spend it on my own family.

The arbitration panel apparently thinks that our money is the district attorney's to spend frivolously, but it's not. Where is my 40 percent pay raise? I didn't get one, so why should I pay for raises for the DA's investigators? This will cost us taxpayers $1.5 million more a year in salaries.

I am disgusted that arbitrator Martin Scheinman gets away with instructing Nassau County to give $10,000 annually to the Nassau County Investigators Police Benevolent Association to "better enable" it to "execute its representative role" ["40% pay hike," News, Jan. 13]. Members are already among the highest paid in the nation. He may be able to pay them (with our money) to shut them up, but he can't keep the public quiet. Now I'm concerned that our taxes will rise so the district attorney's workers can make even more. This is ludicrous.

Jennifer Bochicchio, Hicksville

Hurricane Scheinman strikes Long Island again. There is a lot of blame to go around for what has caused the economic free-fall on Long Island, but no one person is more responsible for the debt crises that Nassau and Suffolk are facing than Martin Scheinman. Talk about fiscal irresponsibility! The man never saw a police contract he wouldn't approve, economic consequences be damned.

Raymond Sheehan, Massapequa

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