Gov. Andrew Cuomo is joined by Michael Hein, Ulster County...

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is joined by Michael Hein, Ulster County executive, left, and Edward Mangano, Nassau County executive, right, to talk about a property tax freeze on Monday, March 17, 2014, at the Capitol in Albany. Credit: Times Union/ Lori Van Buren

How could Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, who was elected as a Republican and Conservative candidate, endorse Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo ["Cuomo touts tech, Astorino draws crowd," News, Oct. 28]? He rammed same-sex marriage down our throats and has been very strongly pushing for his abortion expansion called the Women's Equality Act.

What was Mangano's motive? Maybe to collaborate with Cuomo to get some tax money for Long Island's use?

Hey, Mangano and all you Republican fellow travelers, if you supported Cuomo over an honest, capable Republican with a good record, is it any wonder that the state Republican Party gets weaker and less successful?

Don't expect my vote or support in the future, Mangano. If the Republican Party won't fight for its principles, it's time to leave it behind.

Edmund Farrell, Lynbrook

In "Cuomo, Astorino take their duel upstate" [News, Nov. 1], Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo reportedly made a reference to what he called "ultraconservatives," stating that, "Their ideology, their goal, is they are right and everybody else is wrong. It's 100 percent their way or they will make sure nothing happens."

That sounded more like a description of the governor himself and the way he seems to conduct business. Perhaps he just got confused.

Joseph Blaettler, Smithtown


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