Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks on before praying at...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks on before praying at the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray, in Jerusalem's Old City, Saturday Feb. 28, 2015. Credit: AP

The question raised ["Why aren't Israeli troops in the fight?" Letters, March 8] can be answered in fairly simple terms. Due to the continued unresolved conflict with "the Palestinians," any Israeli involvement in multilateral efforts in that region would be counterproductive.

Any direct involvement by Israel would cause the Muslim nations of the Middle East to cease cooperation with the United States on the Islamic State, or ISIS, issue.

While Israel is not directly involved in the fight against the Islamic State, it is overtly involved in fighting Hamas and Hezbollah. All three are part of the long list of Islamist terrorist organizations.

Bernard A. Bilawsky, North Massapequa

What does the letter writer think the other Middle East countries would do if Israel joined the United States and others fighting the Islamic State? All of the other countries would pull out, and it would provide the group with the biggest argument on why Middle East citizens should join its cause.

The Islamic State would change from its goal to impose its strict interpretation of Islam into a fight against the Zionists and their U.S. backers.

Israel has shown great restraint in not fighting. Most likely, through backdoor channels, the country is providing intelligence to all of those involved in the fight against the group.

Brian Widman, Roslyn Heights