Some of the153 guns seized in Brooklyn between May and...

Some of the153 guns seized in Brooklyn between May and December 2014 are put on display as the NYPD announce results of a firearms trafficking investigation on Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014 Credit: Uli Seit

Regarding “Ready to protest for gun control” [Letters, Dec. 2], the writer’s rightful concern, outrage and willingness to act are admirable. The problem is, they are too late. Things are too far gone and it’s impossible to “control” guns.

When the gun mongers cite the constitutional right to bear arms, and the president says he respects the Second Amendment — albeit with some new restrictions — we have a standstill.

This frightful and ridiculous situation needs to be addressed by a constitutional amendment that renounces, repeals and rewrites the misinterpreted and obsolete Second Amendment. Some may say it is draconian but, yes, we need to take guns away from ordinary civilians. The only people who need guns are those in law enforcement and the military.

I am 83 years old and ready to march for something that will work to right this horrific blight on our civilization.

Selma Musicant



While responding to the terrorist massacre in San Bernardino, a police officer reportedly told a frantic person trying to flee, “I’ll take a bullet before you do.”

Sad, but true. How fortunate we are to be protected by thousands of men and women who go to work each day prepared to take a bullet so that we don’t have to. We need them now more than ever.

Chris Marzuk



I fear that if this gun violence continues, soon the families of victims will be in the voting majority [“San Bernardino shooting,” News, Dec. 10]. They will insist that the do-nothing Congress do something about federal gun control.

I am willing to give up my Second Amendment right to carry an assault weapon. The Founding Fathers were dealing with muskets: Shoot, reload, shoot again. Would people then be able to kill 14 people in minutes?

Lynn Leistman



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