Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino speaks at the Nassau County...

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino speaks at the Nassau County Republican Convention at Levittown Hall in Hicksville on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014. Credit: Daniel Brennan

Newsday published its list of endorsed candidates, but I'm having a hard time believing anything good about the candidates ["Editorial endorsement wrap-up," Editorial, Nov. 3]. The reason is that over the last month I've seen 1,182 negative TV ads about Rob Astorino and 1,232 negative ads about Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. I've also received 3,245 phone calls from Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton) and Lee Zeldin.

I normally vote every year, but this year I couldn't wait to see Election Day in my rearview mirror, so I could answer my phone again. If the people in charge of these campaigns think the negative ads are helpful, they are sorely mistaken.

Neil Bellovin, Port Jefferson

We have been inundated with robocalls, expensive mailings and attack ads on TV, all in the name of campaigning for office. The U.S. Senate race in North Carolina reportedly cost both sides a total of $108 million! Has this nation gone insane?

We need radical reform of how elections are financed. Opening the door to corporate donations in Citizens United was one of the worst decisions any U.S. Supreme Court has ever made. The court doesn't always get it right. Anyone remember the Dred Scott decision from 1857? He was a slave who sued for his freedom, and the court ruled that he was "property."

We need a system that restricts the time allowed for campaigning -- perhaps to one month. We also need restrictions on how much money can be spent, and that money must come from the federal government, with no private or corporate money allowed.

We also need elected officials who have the personal integrity to put such laws into action. I haven't seen any yet.

Nicholas Dallis, Smithtown


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