I tuned in to the Golden Globes for entertainment.

Instead, I found it to be a political onslaught of anti-Donald Trump propaganda. What gives movie stars or TV personalities the right to air their political beliefs on national television [“Streep takes on Trump in award speech,” News, Jan. 9]?

Yes, we know about the First Amendment. However, their knowledge is no greater than mine, but they have a captive audience.

It’s not right that I have to listen to their political views. Meryl Streep, who I admire as an actor, does not have the right to tell me her political opinion. She took advantage of her position to put down the president-elect.

Gloria Santillo, Miller Place


The Hollywood left has been among the first to speak out and condemn the baker or florist who because of political or religious beliefs will not provide services to a same-sex couple’s wedding. However, because of the Hollywood left’s political beliefs, many are refusing to provide their talents and services at President–elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

This is hypocrisy.

John Mendola, Commack