Newsday columnist Fred Bruning spent $2.99 on a slice of...

Newsday columnist Fred Bruning spent $2.99 on a slice of pizza, but the young cashier could hardly be bothered to give him back his change of 1 cent. Where's the respect -- for the penny? Credit: iStock

If we stopped making pennies, the consumer would lose, as prices would be rounded up, not down, to a nickel [“A penny for your thoughts? Never mind,” Just Sayin’, Jan. 28].

What do I do with my pennies? I put them in big Mason jars and display their charm and beauty in my home!

I always pick up pennies, because as everyone knows, they bring good luck.

Laura Cohen, Great Neck


Sixty-one years ago, I learned the value of a penny.

I was 10 and wanted to buy a gift for my mother. I went to the store, and the item that I chose cost 2 cents more than I had.

The shopkeeper would not sell me the item. This was before the days of sales tax, and so, for the lack of 2 cents, I was unable to buy my mother the gift.

No, I do not throw away my pennies. To this day, arthritis and all, I still stoop to pick up a penny, heads or tails up, doesn’t matter.

Mary Ann Kozlowski Treutle, Medford