Workers upgrade doorways at Village Elementary School in Syosset on...

Workers upgrade doorways at Village Elementary School in Syosset on July 23. The Syosset district enhanced security at its schools. Credit: Syosset Central School District

In the age of mass shootings, many school districts have taken measures to counter potential threats [“Ramping up school safety,” News, July 29].

Roslyn High School, which I attend, has taken measures such as requiring students to wear student IDs around their necks at all times, and locking bathroom doors, which means students and faculty members must scan their IDs to enter.

While Long Island district administrators are undoubtedly working very hard to improve the safety of students and faculty, measures like these can instill a sense of fear and insecurity. They also instill a widespread sense of neglect and incompetence from the government. In the end, what good will wearing IDs do if there is a shooter in the school? To identify us? Where is the government that is meant to protect the people?

The majority of us feel unsafe. We need to have stronger background checks for purchasing guns. We need a ban on assault weapons. We will not feel safe until our politicians do what they are elected to do and take action.

Mitchell Schwartz, Roslyn

Runners endanger selves and drivers

The Sept. 9 LI Life cover story on the Selden Hills Warriors running group was informative, but I just wish you had interviewed someone who drives in the neighborhood where the running takes place.

Berkshire Drive, one of the roads used by the group, is narrow and has limited sight for a majority of the road. The posted speed limit is 25 mph, and I can say that it is heeded, as the road is not one where you can safely speed.

Long Island children head for the school bus on Dec....

Long Island children head for the school bus on Dec. 17, 2012. Credit: James Carbone

But when coming over one of the many steep hills, a driver can be taken by surprise to see a group of runners coming at you — and you have nowhere to go to avoid them. If you steer one way, you will hit the runners. If you go the other, you risk hitting oncoming traffic.

It is just a matter of time before a tragic accident occurs. I commend the group for keeping in shape, but it should find a safer course to protect its members and motorists.

Susan Schneider, Farmingville