The nation turned its attention to Long Island on Sept....

The nation turned its attention to Long Island on Sept. 26 when Hofstra University hosted the first presidential debate of the 2016 election season. Hofstra replaced Wright State University as host after the Ohio school stepped down, citing cost and safety concerns, becoming the first school to host a debate in three consecutive election cycles. Clinton, Trump clash at Hofstra debate | Presidential debate scenes Credit: Sipa USA / Getty Images

In today’s world, cyberattacks by Russia, China and Iran are among America’s greatest dangers [“Bipartisan call to investigate election hacking,” News, Dec. 19].

The Democratic Party and liberal news outlets are in an uproar that Russia might have hacked emails and revealed some of them via WikiLeaks, thus affecting results of the election. Assuming that happened, the Russians didn’t write the emails. All they did was expose the truth to American voters.

Liberals are blaming whomever for truths divulged about an unfit candidate who shouldn’t have been nominated to begin with.

Marty Orenstein, New Hyde Park


It’s frightening that our president-elect constantly has to remind us that he is so smart [“Trump rejects Russian role,” News, Dec. 12]. It’s of equal concern that he feels he knows more than the experts in a variety of subjects.

I have several academic degrees, and through the years, I’ve met many intelligent individuals. They share two traits. I’ve never heard any of them refer to themselves as smart. They let their words and works speak for them; they have no need to flaunt their intelligence.

The second is awareness that intelligence does not come from within. They all interact with the world and know how to find the best solutions to problems in their fields.

A wise friend of mine once said, “Don’t believe everything you think.”

Lee Gerber, Massapequa


Our president-elect has been playing the media and the American people.

Russia apparently interfered with the election, and then lo and behold, Donald Trump names Exxon Mobil chief executive Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. This is a man Russian leader Vladimir Putin gave the Order of Friendship, Russia’s highest honor for foreigners.

At any other time, if there were even a whiff of a Russian link, our government would have been all over that person, and he or she would have been all but disqualified for office. I believe Congress should appoint an impartial outsider to investigate.

I’ve watched the Republicans over these last eight years in horror as they continually put party over our country. But this? This is Russia we are talking about, not a friendly country!

Brenda Reiss, Greenlawn


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