When are we, as a nation, going to stop the charade about the tens of thousands of illegal children entering our country? ["Child migrant crisis poses legal hurdles," News, July 7.]

The claim is that we must help them because of an executive order former President George W. Bush issued. So? What is to stop our border patrol, and our military if necessary, from turning back this invasion -- because that's what it is. We must insist that these children not be allowed into our nation.

The problem is the Obama administration is not willing to effectively close our borders and protect our citizens from these incursions and the chaos they bring. These children are being used to get their parents and other relatives into this country and eventually become citizens. When that happens, which party do you think they will vote for? I am cynical enough to believe the Democratic Party is only too happy to see this happen.

These children could only get here with the help of Mexico and the nations where these children originate from. If conditions are poor there, does that make it our responsibility to let them in? I think not! We have enough unemployed and partially employed as it is.

Nicholas Dallis, Smithtown

Ah, the naivete of liberal writers like Lane Filler ["We should let immigrant children in," Opinion, July 2]. Espousing the noble causes of what this country stands for. Nice when he doesn't have to pay the bill!

The liberal idea is that all are welcome illegally into this country, with no papers, ID or adequate vaccinations. Criminals, gang members and more are welcome.

Filler claims they will strengthen this country and fight for it! NOT! Illegal children cannot be allowed in because there is no plan to pay for them, medically treat them, feed and clothe them, or a facility large enough to house them. There is no money to give away for education, social services or legal guardianship.

The only solid solution is to process them for identification purposes to locate their country of origin, village and parents, and ship them back to that country as quickly as possible!

Larry Cowden, South Hempstead