Commuters at Penn Station take the stairs to a Long...

Commuters at Penn Station take the stairs to a Long Island Rail Road platform.

Traveling on Amtrak and the Long Island Rail Road can be a daunting experience for a senior citizen with a wheelie suitcase.

This senior citizen was worried about going on the down escalators with her bag at Penn Station. When I arrived at the Amtrak waiting room, a red cap assured me that he would take care of me, and he did! He took my luggage, put it on his wagon and put it on the train for me.

Now I was concerned about my return trip, again my phobia of going downstairs with my bag at Penn Station.

I went to the LIRR information booth to check on my train. I had two minutes to make it, and the man in the booth pointed to the track. I told him of my problem, and he left his booth and carried my bag down the steps for me!

Kudos to the LIRR!

Sallie Prisyon,Charlotte, N.C.

Reintroduce civility into civic conversation

It is time to get rid of the acrimony, the polarization, the digging deep to support whatever narrative we each want to promote. It is time to get rid of the intolerance. While we claim to support diversity, there is little tolerance for diversity of thought or opinion in today’s America. It is time to discard the cloak of self-righteousness and the belief that as long as we pontificate and claim to be virtuous, we are.

It is time to get rid of the hateful epithets and empty slogans. They simply are a substitute for thoughtful deliberation and debate. It is time to rid ourselves of the idea that truth versus lies, means us versus them. It does not. If we condemn stereotyping, let’s not engage in it. Let’s dispense with labels that demean and diminish, diminish the user most of all.

It is time for leaders to dispense with hateful rhetoric. It does nothing but stir angry emotion. There is much to lament about the tone and tenor of discourse in today’s America. Time has come for us to reintroduce civility into the conversation.

Eva Zimmerman,Jamaica

Babylon intersection needs better signs

Authorities should improve the signage at Deer Park Avenue and Simon Street in the Village of Babylon.

In recent months, I have seen four vehicles heading south on Deer Park Avenue turn left onto Simon Street to head east. Unfortunately, they were in the westbound lane. One barely avoided a head-on collision and turned into a parking lot. Two made U-turns, and the fourth, a pizza delivery truck, just kept on going.

John Gimberlein, West Babylon