Commuters walk in the tunnel-like main hallway at Penn Station,...

Commuters walk in the tunnel-like main hallway at Penn Station, the main LIRR passenger area outside the waiting room on June 27, 2012. Credit: Craig Ruttle

LIRR should improve its stations

The Long Island Rail Road can make excuses regarding poor service due to inclement weather, but what is the excuse for poor conditions at its stations?

Every aspect of the LIRR Huntington waiting room is horrible. Vagrants congregate. There are just a few seats, and they’re often dirty.

The usually inaccessible bathroom looks like a place for junkies to shoot up. When it’s cold outside, it feels colder inside. Huntington is not the only station with these problems.

The railroad can and should make our indoor wait better, especially when its poor train service increases waiting times.

Kenneth Newell, Huntington

Eliminate the 5-cent fee on bottles, cans

I’m writing about the 5-cent deposit people pay for bottles and cans. This was supposed to be an incentive to recycle. However, this is often not happening. Plenty of bottles and cans are not recycled. This is nothing but a tax.

I went to a grocery store in Baldwin to redeem my bottles. The machines were out of order. I then drove to another store, and those machines were out of order. I wasted money in gas, polluted the air and failed to get my money.

Eliminate this fee. I doubt the politicians could accomplish this one easy task.

Randy Perlmutter, Oceanside

Night concerts prevent some fans from going

Why do all the best performances and concerts start in the evening?

On behalf of senior citizens who find night driving a challenge, I say we often miss out on some terrific performances at theaters in Westbury, Huntington, Patchogue, Jones Beach, etc.

Since many of the stars are aging — like Billy Joel, Rod Stewart and the ’50s doo-wop bands — perhaps they would see more of their fans if they performed in daylight. It’s something the producers and theater owners should consider.

Louis Capitano, Copiague

LIE overpass work taking too long

How many years will it take to complete the overpass at Exit 61 on the Long Island Expressway? Or better yet, which will be completed first, the overpass or the new Tappan Zee Bridge?

James Heath, Ronkonkoma