A traffic jam on the eastbound Sunrise Highway in Hampton Bays in 2018.

A traffic jam on the eastbound Sunrise Highway in Hampton Bays in 2018. Credit: John Roca

Concrete roads make good noisemakers

Patching a concrete road with concrete is much more complicated and expensive than using asphalt ["Use concrete, not blacktop for road fixes," Just Sayin', June 18]. But the more important issue is the awful noise from concrete roadways. Just ask anyone who lives near Sunrise Highway. The noise can be heard half a mile away.

In an area as densely populated as Long Island, concrete should never be used. Interestingly enough, you might notice that the state repaved Sunrise with blacktop where it passes Connetquot River State Park.

Dunstan Bradley, Lindenhurst

We always seem to take the cheap way out. The money never seems to be available to repair roads better. I don't know what it costs to fix a highway, but I have to believe that $850 million would go a long way toward fixing a road, or some other worthy project here in New York State. But, sadly, that money is in the coffers of the Buffalo Bills owner. That owner, by the way, has a net worth of nearly $6 billion. Couldn't he fund his team himself, rather than taking a handout from the state?

Peter Larkin, Bayside

Driving these roads requires time to chill

I’ll join the bandwagon about expressing frustration about drivers ["This gives drivers paws for concern," Just Sayin', June 18]. Outrage needs to be generated and publicized so something can be done because it seems worse than ever. I can write much more but will address two roads.

1) Sunrise Highway service roads. In Suffolk County, the speed limit is 35-45 mph. Drivers routinely speed faster than 60 mph. This makes it difficult and risky when drivers exit Sunrise Highway and merge onto the service road, and it's hard for drivers entering the service road from side streets and driveways. People tailgate you when you don’t go 20 mph above the speed limit.

2) Carleton Avenue. When did red lights become stop signs? I see drivers regularly turning left at a red light (I see this in other towns, too). And I’m not talking about lights that had just turned red. People complain about red light cameras. I wish they were all red light cameras.

I start the day in a good mood headed for work, then need an hour to decompress when I get there.

Terry Feldman, Central Islip

Seniors deserve discounts at amusement parks

As a grandfather, while I sympathize with Adventureland losing two years of revenue due to the pandemic, I see no reason to charge so much to seniors who supported it for years. There should be lower entry rates for seniors or other mere observers, like grandparents.

Harvey Strickon, Great Neck

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