A police officer at the scene of a serious motorcycle...

A police officer at the scene of a serious motorcycle accident that closed westbound Sunrise Highway near Exit 45 on Friday morning, Aug. 8, 2014. Credit: Ed Betz

When will the New York State troopers and our elected state officials do something about the rampant motorcycle racing day and night on our parkways? They know about it, but apparently have no inclination to solve the problem.

Most drivers on Long Island have experienced for years maniacs roaring by at 100 mph weaving in and out of traffic -- as if other drivers are just an obstacle course for their own amusement.

The racers periodically kill themselves. It would be heartening for civil servants to occasionally solve a problem before a tragedy occurs.

But we know when the problem will be addressed, don't we? When a young family or a group of kids is killed by one of these motorcyclists. Politicians will then take a break from fundraising and make time for the memorial dedications and photo-ops and claim credit for laws with sentimental names that they can put in their taxpayer-funded newsletters.

But it will be too late for the dead. Pray it's not someone you know and love.

Scott Salvato