Pigs are only one of the animals of concern on...

Pigs are only one of the animals of concern on World Farm Animals Day, taking place Oct. 2. Credit: Yellow House/Andrew Theodorakis

Nassau courts face building problems

In 2013, Nassau County started plans to build a new Family and Matrimonial Court building in Mineola. It's still not open, over budget, with no completion date. Who is accountable? This is the tip of the iceberg. The old Nassau Family Court has constant air-conditioning issues. The loading dock was removed, leaving all deliveries through the public entrance, which blocks parking spots for the disabled. Courtrooms are the size of bathrooms. This building should be condemned. County Court’s façade is falling off, so the county built sheds around every entrance to protect the public. But there are failing doors, broken windows, leaking ceilings and sidewalks so dangerous the county blacktopped over them. The newest building, for the First District, was built in 1987. The parking garage was condemned after 10 years and removed. It has left parking a nightmare. Weeds have turned into trees. This summer at the Supreme Court, air-conditioning units failed for more than three weeks, leaving employees and jurors to endure temperatures that reached 92 degrees. Why do our members and the public have to endure these conditions while paying high taxes?

— Peter A. Piciulo, Kings Park

The writer is president of the Court Officers Benevolent Association of Nassau County.

Candidates should be straight shooters

It’s election season again. For once, can we just get the facts? I want to see what each candidate will try to achieve if elected. Tell me how you will accomplish the goals you’ve set to get my vote. I honestly don’t want to see or read the negative side of your opponents. I just want to know what you stand for. We, the voters, hold all the cards. You, the candidates, have to impress us. It’s a job interview — show me what you’ve got. Tell me why I should “hire” you. Do interviews in newspapers and radio, and put your entire platform on your website and social media pages. Show us your financial backers. Show us your budget target. Be honest: Tell us why you can’t decrease taxes or why you back certain laws. Positivity will get more votes. When I start seeing negative campaigns, it turns me off. It tells me you have no intention to fight for us, but are just buying time before you go after the next level in government.

— Josephine Budway, West Babylon

Many feel that the TV and radio stations that we listen to are telling us the truth about what is taking place in our country. All candidates should be willing to debate opponents. Voters can listen and decide which positions and policies they agree with, then vote for the candidates they feel would better represent the issues they are most concerned about. If any candidates are unwilling to debate, I want to know why and what they are trying to hide from the American public.

— Delores Childs, Garden City

Farm animals are like our family pets

I just learned about World Farm Animals Day, taking place Oct. 2 (Mahatma Gandhi's birth date). It was founded in 1983 to memorialize the billions of animals abused and killed for food each year.

Like many, I always had considered farm animals only as a source of food. But, after recently watching the documentary "Speciesism: The Movie," I realized that farm animals are much like our family pets, deserving love and respect. I’ve learned that farm animals get neither on today's factory farms. 

The cruelty of factory farming drove me to replace animal products in my diet with plant-based meat. I since have learned that my cruelty-free diet is also great for my health and for the health of our planet.

— Nathan Daniels, Melville

Here's why 'the left' focuses on Trump

A reader finds it insulting, racist and condescending to let people work at jobs that few Americans are willing to do anymore [“Why does left seem obsessed with Trump?”, Just Sayin’, Sept. 24]. Why are we “obsessed”? Because the hatred and fear stoked by former President Donald Trump and his ilk have created a nearly untenable environment and a divided country.

And that’s part of the reason why “the left” is so concerned.

— Lori Karman, Farmingdale

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