Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo speaks during an appearance at Barnard...

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo speaks during an appearance at Barnard College earlier this month when he called for codifying abortion rights into New York State law. Credit: AP / Kathy Willens

Long Island is facing an affordability crisis. Young people like myself are finding it harder than ever to live here.

With Democratic majorities in the State Senate and Assembly, nothing should hold back Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo from solving this crisis on the state level [“Cuomo’s agenda,” News, Jan. 15]. If he wants to make history, there’s an option already on the table: the New York Health Act, which would guarantee health care for all New Yorkers and make it free at the point of service.

Cuomo knows this already. The legislation has been passed by the State Assembly four consecutive years, but gathered dust in the State Senate Health Committee under Sen. Kemp Hannon, who lost his seat in November.

Listen to any one of us, and you’ll quickly learn that Long Island voters put health care at the top of our concerns. Contact your state senators to remind them who put them in office and why.

Anne Flomenhaft, Malverne

Editor’s note: The writer chairs the health care working group of the Nassau County Democratic Socialists of America, an activist organization.

Lindenhurst should update its sidewalks

If the Lindenhurst Village powers-that-be wish to spur growth or progress, they need to address the crumbling sidewalks and roads on their residential streets [“Firm chosen to devise master plan focused on sustainable growth,” News, Jan. 15].

I walk streets all over the South Shore as a canvasser for various county and federal election candidates, and none are as bad as those in Lindenhurst, especially east of Wellwood Avenue and south of Hoffman Avenue. If sidewalks exist, they are in abysmal condition. The roads are hardly better.

Do village leaders wish to have people walking to restaurants and stores? Then they had better start at residents’ doors, because if people can’t navigate their own sidewalks, they will have to drive and park in the few spots available, same as now.

If a street never had sidewalks, change the laws and build them! It is 2019, and this should not be so hard. People must decide whether they want to pretend to be rural gentry, or live in a real village with commerce.

Gloria Mason, North Lindenhurst