Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones speaks to the media earlier this...

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones speaks to the media earlier this month on Capitol Hill. Credit: AP / Jose Luis Magana

What planet is William F.B. O’Reilly living on when he claims that a national return to reason is imminent and people like Alex Jones needn’t find their platform on social media removed [“This angry man act is growing tired,” Opinion, Sept. 9].

Nearly half the country abstained from voting in the previous election in large part due to lies being disseminated on social media, lies which convinced them their vote wasn’t worth casting between the “lesser of two evils,” even when the greater evil of the two was a buffoonish, bigoted failed entrepreneur.

I don’t see any evidence that a dawn of reason is on the horizon where the national discussion is concerned, particularly with the right-wing and its fringe who continue to praise the president and promote their psychotic conspiracy theories or ignore reality.

Whatever indications that rational people are once again taking the reins of the national dialogue is because of the left, not the Republicans for whom O’Reilly works.

Jon Zipkin, Bay Shore

In addition to Alex Jones, Twitter should also ban President Donald Trump’s account due to his hate speech, lies and attacks on the CIA, FBI, Justice Department and the press. He’s ripping apart the fabric of our nation with the help of social media.

Martin Geller, Manhasset