Independence, Mo., Feb. 4, 1977: Harry Truman's sign The BUCK...

Independence, Mo., Feb. 4, 1977: Harry Truman's sign The BUCK STOPS here! seen in a replica of the Oval Office in the Truman library. Credit: UPI

Expect costs of green energy to fall

The Long Island Power Authority is acting responsibly in detailing how it will carry out Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s mandates for reducing carbon emissions while factoring in costs [“Energy cost details sought,” News, May 8].

Several people quoted seemed upset that PSEG Long Island today can’t determine the cost to build a wind farm 10 years in the future, even though the report concluded that renewable energy is cost-competitive now. Further, future costs are expected to decline, consistent with patterns in many new technologies.

Currently, fuel costs for our gas-fired power plants constitute half of our electric bills even though natural gas prices are at a multiyear low. Electricity produced from fossil fuels has substantial price volatility.

Electricity produced for LIPA by wind and solar power has no fuel cost, and is provided under 20-year fixed-price contracts without the unpredictable volatility of current electric rates.

Clinging to old technologies because of unfounded fears of monetary loss is misguided at best. I believe that sourcing energy from renewables will lower our bills, stop pollution, and safeguard our health and environment while creating jobs for future generations.

Helen Roussel,Sag Harbor


I believe it would show total disrespect for the ratepayers if the Long Island Power Authority claimed it could outline the costs of green energy plans over the next 20 years.

The costs of both solar and wind power have been dropping. The costs for wind power alone have been forecast to shrink by 24 percent to 30 percent by 2030, according to a survey of experts published in the journal Nature Energy in November.

A 50-inch television bought 12 years ago cost several thousand dollars. Today, it costs several hundred. This is the way technology often works. For someone to base the cost of that TV today on the cost 12 years ago would have been foolhardy, and to pretend otherwise as an excuse for not implementing technology is to show an implicit bias.

Moreover, the need for us to utilize clean energy technologies is immediate and urgent. Failure to do so will allow the increased impact of climate change to exacerbate extreme weather conditions and sea-level rise.

Karen Miller, Woodbury

Concern about acts and abilities of Trump

I remember President Harry Truman’s famous desk sign, “The BUCK STOPS here.” It seems with President Donald Trump, the buck stops anywhere but with him. This president can’t seem to take responsibility for anything.

He blames former President Barack Obama, the liberal media, Hillary Clinton, the FBI and anyone else he can tweet about [“Trump denies asking FBI boss to drop probe,” News, May 18]. The administration’s “alternative facts,” as one of his aides called them, are lies that are accepted by many of his supporters and are dangerous to a democratic society.

Trump invites dictators and human rights abusers to the White House and defames anyone who will not agree with him. The sad fact is that many of this president’s supporters will have to learn the hard way, while we all pay the price.

Richard Westley,Bay Shore


News reports that the president revealed highly classified information, which could be reverse-engineered and lead to sources being compromised, are credible [“Trump revealed intel to Russia,” News, May 16].

President Donald Trump’s impulsive early morning tweeting and inappropriate statements — such as suggesting that the “Second Amendment people” might know what to do with Hillary Clinton — demonstrate his lack of discretion. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said that no intelligence sources, methods or nonpublic military options were discussed. This, however, was not what was alleged.

The 25th Amendment states that “the vice president and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress” may find that the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, and they can remove him from office.

The president is fraying under the stress of his self-inflicted wounds. How much damage does he need to do before Republicans act?

Roy Lubit, Patchogue