CBD Scrip's Natural's CBD oil is pictured at CBD Central...

CBD Scrip's Natural's CBD oil is pictured at CBD Central in Farmingdale on Dec. 17, 2018. Credit: Barry Sloan

The other night I had a hard time falling asleep. I called a friend who said I should try cannabidiol, or CBD. She said it’s a great aid for falling and staying asleep. I was talking to my brother about my back pain, and he also told me I must try CBD.

On the internet, I learned that CBD is an extract of hemp and marijuana that does not include tetrahydrocannabinol, the intoxicating ingredient in pot. I also found that this stuff works for practically anything! However, when I saw claims that it can cure acne and cancer, I recalled the snake oil salesmen of old western films. The funny thing about snake oil is that it was almost pure alcohol, the great elixir of the day. Well, today it seems to be hemp and marijuana.

Before people believe in the many claims about CBD, I think we need more research and a lot less soap-box jawing about its effects. Experts say there’s little evidence yet of benefits. Aside from Epidolex, an anti-seizure medication, the Food and Drug Administration has not approved other drugs containing CBD.

Some of these claims might be correct, although something tells me in lower numbers once real research is done.

Steven Jacobson,

  Long Beach

Abortion film should be in more theaters

Why was the movie “Unplanned,” the story of a woman’s misgivings about abortion and her work for Planned Parenthood, shown in only three theaters on Long Island in its debut weekend, March 29-31? It also was not reviewed by Newsday. Nationally, it was the fifth highest-grossing film of the weekend.

I saw it this week in Deer Park and found it thought-provoking.

Listings in Newsday on Friday indicated that it is being shown in at least eight theaters this weekend in Suffolk County and one in Queens. I am grateful that more people will get the opportunity to see this excellent film. I also hope it will be available soon on demand.

Barbara Aiello,


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